Tree Ambulance in Chennai

tree ambulance in chennai

Tree Ambulance is now in chennai. Tree Ambulance in chennai takes care for sick trees and help bring back uprooted trees to their feet.

Our Honorable Shri. M. Venkiah Naidu, Vice President of India introduced this excellent initiative of Tree Ambulance to Chennai on International Day of Biological Diversity.

tree ambulance in chennai

Img Source: Tree Ambulance

As a result of cyclones Vardah and Gaja had caused a heavy damage uprooting thousands of trees in Tamil Nadu, they intiated this great effort to help us breath easily.

Dr. Abdul Ghani popularly known as the “Green Man of India” is the founder of tree ambulance foundation with joint effort by SASA group. They introduced the tree ambulance in the city on Wednesday as an initiative to help the state breathe easy.


The idea of a tree ambulance is to save trees by care for sick ones and help bring back uprooted trees to their feet.
Deliver a positive environmental impact by exclusively caring for trees.


According to the sources in their website, the services provided by the tree ambulance include:

  • First Aid Treatment
  • Removal of Dead Trees
  • Seed Bank
  • Seed Distribution
  • Shifting Trees
  • Stop Cutting Trees
  • Survey of Trees
  • Tree Distribution
  • Up Rooted Tree Planting


For any Intant help, their ambulance can be availed through the helpline number- +919941006786.

So do please call them if you see any trees need their help.

People can register themselves as volunteers on their website-

Tree ambulance has a plant expert traveling along with it and helpers with gardening tools, water, manure, and pesticide.

So as an responsible citizen it is also our responsibility to save nature. Do help this great organization.

Because it is our health and life involved in it.


Video Source: Polimer News

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