Fuljar Soda in Chennai

fuljar soda in chennai

Fuljar Soda in Chennai? Yes, Kerala’s most viral trending new Cool Drink ‘Fuljar Soda’ is now also available in Chennai.

When coming to trying new foods, people from Kerala are always on the top with great taste and variety.

Because of it is uniqueness this drink has managed to get a huge fan following over a short period of time.

This viral ‘Fuljar Soda’ happened in the month of Ramzan and have now boomed into a quirky food fad.

This drink has become a viral trend in social media like Tik Tok and Instagram over the past weeks, where users make videos of mixing and gulping the drink.

How it got the name Fuljar Soda?

No one Know who found that or where it originated from.

What is Fuljar Soda?

To keep it simple – it is the newest version of Kulukki Sarbath, a distant cousin of masala soda.

It is an fizzy drink with rich ingredients in it.

Because of its unique style of preparing and drinking, the drink has grabbed attention of many.

How is Fuljar Soda made?

So this mixture is made in a shot glass with ginger, chilly paste, lime juice, salt or sugar, basil seeds or sabja seeds.

It is then immersed into a huge glass of soda.

The Soda now fizzes and is guzzled down.

It will give our senses to sensory ride of flavors when consumed immediately when the soda fizzes up.


1. Soda

2. Lime

3. Ginger

4. Basil seeds (Sabja seeds)

5. Bird’s eye chilli

6. Salt

7. Mint

How does Fuljar Soda taste?

It has a mixed masala flavor taste, with little spice.

Because of its spiciness, all spice lovers will surely love this drink.

Where is Fuljar Soda in Chennai?

So where is this trending ‘Fuljar Soda’ available in Chennai.

It is now available in Dessi Cuppa, Porur, Near to Ramachandra university.

fuljar soda in chennai

The taste here is really good and they come up with two three varieties of this drink.

Dessi Cuppa: # 2 / 2, Ground Floor, Mount Poonamalle High Rd, Karambakkam, Gandhi Nagar, Porur, Chennai

Location Link :

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